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Affordable Access To Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Treatment!

Watch this video to learn how TreatmentFi™ helps you receive the hearing and tinnitus care you deserve with a monthly subscription you can afford.

“Increased access to medical treatment of hearing loss is important for improving your quality of life. TreatmentFi™ FINALLY offers affordable options for everybody to treat their hearing loss!”

– Clinical Audiologist TreatmentFi™ Provider

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Hearing loss financing to fit your budget.

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Hearing Loss Financing To Fit Any Budget

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The national network of TreatmentFi™ member-clinics provides only the highest level of hearing health care for all patients suffering hearing loss, tinnitus and the associated cognitive needs. Our network of member-clinics have restored hearing clarity in over 1,000,000 patients and we look forward to helping you.

Hearing loss is a progressive degenerative disorder affecting nearly 50 Million Americans – yet cost has left too many patients’ unable to afford treatment. TreatmentFi™ is a true game-changer. Through its simple subscription program patients can access all their hearing care needs, including hearing aids, treatment services, technology supplies and accessories, and all the testing required to ensure the best treatment.

The programs offered by TreatmentFi™ can be customized to meet every budget, every insurance benefit, and every patients hearing needs!

P.S. Use our ‘Find Your Local TreatmentFi™ Provider’ to find one of our certified hearing care specialists in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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