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Care For Life

treatmentfi plan care for lifeEnjoy Care for Life with Your TreatmentFi™ Plan

The benefits of treating hearing loss with the exclusive TreatmentFi™ program are exceptional and unlike any other treatment plans available to patients like you. In addition to a pair of adaptive NeuroTechnology™ hearing aids designed to address the cognitive aspects of hearing loss, you can also expect benefits for life with the following:

Lifetime Hearing Loss Coverage
Your affordable, fixed monthly treatment plan fee provides a lifetime of hearing loss coverage that includes all office visits.

Lifetime Warranty
Always hear your very best with our Lifetime Warranty. Each TreatmentFi™ plan includes a one-time replacement on lost technology, never-any-cost repairs, and upgrades to technology every 48 months to meet your changes in hearing loss and associated cognitive needs.

Lifetime Earmolds
Earmolds are in-the-ear devices custom-made to channel sound from your hearing aid. Should you need to replace your earmolds for any particular reason, your TreatmentFi plan has you covered.

Lifetime Batteries & Supplies
Care for life also means hearing technology supplies such as batteries, cleaning accessories, etc. are included in your plan. In addition, you’ll have access to discounted technology accessories including rechargeable batteries, smartphone, and TV adaptor.

If you’re ready to put the science behind NeuroTechnology™ and the affordability of TreatmentFi™ to improve the quality of your hearing – and your life – click here now to find a local provider.