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Hearing Health Financing Program

Hassle-Free Access

hassle free access treatmentfiEnjoy the Convenience of Direct, Hassle-Free Access

The TreatmentFi™ program was created out of necessity: to ease the financial burden of hearing aids and hearing health care by eliminating hefty up-front costs, removing sky-high interest fees, and creating a simple solution for all budgets. But we also want to make it a positive experience for everyone who subscribes to TreatmentFi™ plans.

With TreatmentFi™, treatment is now more affordable than ever and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not in this alone! As a benefit to every patient who treats their hearing loss with a TreatmentFi™ membership plan, you will have direct access to your hearing health care provider to be by your side each step of the way as you begin treatment. TreatmentFi™ offers more than just a better quality of life and cognitive function, we offer you and your family the support you need to be successful.