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neurotechnologyStop Struggling to Understand What You Hear with Help from NeuroTechnology

Everybody thinks ‘we hear with our ears’, and while that’s partially correct, the process of hearing actually happens at the level of the brain. Today’s hearing loss treatments are far more than a simple ‘amplifying’ device behind your ear. The Neuroscience behind modern treatments is focused on the brain, cognition, and the comorbidities of untreated hearing loss (comorbidity is defined as a disorder that co-occurs/is correlated to a hearing loss).

If your audiologist thinks hearing first, and not Brain First in his/her treatment plan, you are missing out on many long-term lifestyle benefits. NeuroTechnology was designed with cognitive aspects of hearing loss in mind, is aimed at restoring the loss of clarity, provides noise-canceling filters for noisy background situations, and soft-speech enhancers that emphasize the speech of those soft speakers in your life.

Benefits & Features

NeuroTechnology can be used to address the full spectrum of hearing difficulties, from people with audiometric ‘normal hearing’ to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Today’s NeuroTechnology includes the following features:

  • Enhanced Clarity – to help fill in the missing speech details
  • Noise-Cancellation Features – to help filter speech in noisy environments
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear the ‘soft-speakers’ in your life (e.g., children and grandchildren, your spouse, etc.)
  • Surround Sound Features

NeuroTechnology comes in several ‘shapes and sizes,’ including some invisible options for maximum discretion. Your hearing health care provider will review your treatment options based on your specific hearing loss and hearing needs.
Regardless of which treatment option is right for you, whether you’re having dinner with friends, enjoying a nature walk, gathering with neighbors, or meeting with clients, you’ll be able to hear what matters most with today’s hearing loss technology.

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