treatmentfi financing

America’s Most Affordable
Hearing Health Financing Program

No Surprise Costs

affordable treatmentfi plansNo Hidden Costs – Just One Low, Fixed Monthly Fee

With TreatmentFi™ you’ll never have to worry about hidden or added-on costs. That’s because our monthly cost, which is based on your level of treatment needed, are fixed and all-inclusive. That means everything – from your Neurotechnology™-based hearing aids to follow-up appointments to lifetime supplies and warranties – are all included in your low, monthly fixed fee.

TreatmentFi™ Plans For Patients

TreatmentFi™ understands that no two patients are alike. TreatmentFi™ offers a customized approach that considers each patient’s hearing loss, financial situation, and insurance benefits. TreatmentFi™ also offers the option to include a down payment to lower the monthly costs even further. 

Your treatment team will work with you to develop a plan that is right for you, your hearing loss, and your cognitive needs.