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America’s Most Affordable
Hearing Health Financing Program

The Benefits Of TreatmentFi™

Fixed Monthly Cost

TreatmentFi offers you fixed low-monthly payments to help you manage the cost of treating your hearing loss. Each plan is customized to meet the patient’s hearing needs with consideration of finances. TreatmentFi is compatible with your insurance plan and accepts a down payment to lower the monthly costs even further.

With TreatmentFi subscription plans, we have increased access to effective, proven treatment for millions of patients. Hearing loss, a progressive, degenerative medical disorder, requires the services and attention provided by doctors of audiology and hearing care specialists; and requires the right, custom-prescribed technology – and now everybody can afford it.

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No Large Upfront Investment

The revolutionary TreatmentFi program is breaking down barriers between patients and providers by eliminating the high upfront cost of hearing health care. Providers in hearing health care want to help more people like you, yet traditional financing, or paying out of pocket can place a roadblock between providers and their patients.

TreatmentFi understands American economics and offers patients like you access to a low-cost monthly treatment program, with no large upfront investment, no hidden charges, and no fine print, while allowing health care providers to only worry about what matters most – their patients. To learn more, click here now to locate the nearest TreatmentFi provider.

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No Lapse in Care or Additional Cost

With TreatmentFi, you can rest assured that you are always hearing your very best and you never have to worry about the ‘what ifs’ in life. For example, ‘What if my hearing changes over time?’ ‘What if new technology becomes available to treat my specific hearing loss?’ ‘What if my hearing aid technology breaks?’ With TreatmentFi you will benefit from:

  • Upgrades to your treatment technology
  • Always Covered – you never have to worry if something goes wrong with your technology (and you will never have to pay for a repair!)

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